The Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN)

As the leading research center for the study of brain, mind, and human behavior in Cyprus, CAN aspires to be the flagship center for neuroscience research and collaboration in the greater geographical region.

Alexia’s Dissemination – ACESO

Το πρόγραμμα ΑΚΕΣΩ του Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου προσφέρει δωρεάν νευροψυχολογική αξιολόγηση και δωρεάν παρέμβαση

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This Friday join CAN as they partake yet again in this year’s European

Alzheimer Awareness!!

Alzheimer Awareness!! Check out the article published about CAN on Παιδείαnews… https://bit.ly/3CI8DGn Read

Monthly Politis Articles

Through  a collaboration with local newspaper Politis, CAN members and affiliated scientists publish every month one general audience article that relates to their expertise. The article typically appears every first Sunday of the month in both the print and electronic versions of the newspapers. Below you can find links to offline versions of all the articles published so far. All articles are published in Greek.


For our archived articles click here.