10th Annual Scientific e-Conference of Center for Applied Neuroscience

We are pleased to announce the 10th Annual Scientific Conference of the Center for Applied Neuroscience. The Conference is virtual and will be held on October 9, 2020 in coordination with the Department of Psychology and the Cyprus Psychological Association.  This year’s theme ‘MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: INSIGHTS FROM NEUROSCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY’ addresses significant global issues.  As always, we feature high caliber international speakers. This year’s conference will go virtual and all geographical boundaries are lifted!

The Conference features high-caliber invited speakers of international standing.  The presentations of the Conference will focus on issues related to research priorities stemming from the pandemic, internet-based cognitive assessment, as well as the contribution of an interdisciplinary approach to public health. The conference includes speakers from the Great Britain (Imperial College London and University of Leeds) and Cyprus. Furthermore, researchers from the Center for Applied Neuroscience (University of Cyprus) and other research institutes, organizations and universities both in Cyprus and abroad will disseminate their work.

The main goal of the Annual Scientific Conference of CAN, is to function as a reference and networking point to the scientific community, while contributing to the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge on the study of the human brain and the interplay between brain-mind-behavior relationships. At the end of the Conference, participants will receive a certificate for participation.

Participation to the Conference is FREE, however registration is required.

To register for  the 10th Scientific Digital Conference of the Center for Applied Neuroscience click here.

For more information about the Conference please visit: www.cancyprus.org, email at can@ucy.ac.cy  or call: 00357 22895190.

For the Booklet of the Conference which includes the conference program, invited speaker information and other relevant content information, please click here.