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Georgios Nikolopoulos

Dr. Georgios Nikolopoulos is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Medical School of the University of Cyprus. He earned his PhD (2008) in Epidemiology at the Medical School of the University of Athens, Greece and has served the Greek Public Health Agency for more than a decade contributing to national strategic plans on public health, to establishing and coordinating surveillance systems, and representing Greece to the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. He has extensively investigated the dynamic characteristics of infectious diseases, including the molecular parameters of transmission, and a recent, big HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs in Athens. Dr G. Nikolopoulos, following an international competition (2012), received a 18-month postdoctoral research fellowship that was funded (75,000 $US) by the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the United States (US) National Institute of Health and has been the site (Athens, Greece) principal investigator of a multicenter prevention study entitled “Transmission Reduction Intervention Project – TRIP” that was funded by the National Institute on Health (NIH-NIDA DP1 DA034989 grant) with approximately 500,000 $US managed by the Athenian site. Dr G. Nikolopoulos has expertise in the conduct of systematic reviews and meta-analyses with useful contributions to the etiology of noncommunicable diseases and to the evolving domain of genetic epidemiology. He has published 95 peer-reviewed papers in journals and has received around 1700 citations (per Google Scholar) on his work (h-index: 23). He will lead the epidemiological studies