Center for Applied Neuroscience(CAN)

Kalia Lofitou

Kalia Lofitou is a registered psychologist and a Full-time Special Scientist at the Center for Applied
Neuroscience (CAN) at the University of Cyprus. She currently works at the project “Treatment
of Awareness Deficits in Acquired Brain Injuries to improve Patient Outcomes” (ACESO), which
will produce research in ABI via the use of MRI and functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS).
She also works on the project “Intelligent Patient Assessment & Monitoring System (iPAMS):
Developing an Emotion Recognition Algorithm for Vocal Cues” consisting of different sensor
networks and smart software algorithms towards monitoring and assessing patients with TBI in
the rehabilitation setting.

She graduated from Université de Bordeaux with a BSc in Psychology and from Université Libre
de Bruxelles (ULB) with a MSc in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Development.

Her research interests focus on the area of neuropsychological and cognitive assessment as well
as intervention and rehabilitation procedures.