Center for Applied Neuroscience


Project: Multilingual Eye-movement Corpus

Acronym: MECO

The project aims to generate a resource of eye movements during reading across multiple languages, including Greek. The project includes two experimental studies, with the same group of participants performing both studies in the same experimental session. One study involves reading texts in one’s native language (L1), and the second study consists of reading texts in English (L2). Overall, the project aims to generate a resource for researchers to explore issues related to cross-linguistic differences and commonalities in reading, including for example (a) the universal and language-specific correlates of reading performance in L1, (b) predictors of success or failure in L2 reading, and (c) how eye-tracking data can inform the hypothesis about the role of orthographic complexity in reading. The project currently involves more than 10 labs around the globe collecting data in their respective L1.

The methodology of this project builds on internationally published work by Dr. Victor Kuperman (McMaster University, Canada) and Dr. Noam Siegelman (Haskins Laboratories, USA). The project is funded by the McMaster University, Canada and Haskins Laboratories, Yale University, USA. Prof. Timothy C. Papadopoulos (University of Cyprus) is the project coordinator and Dr. Argyro Fella (University of Nicosia) the project manager for Cyprus.

For more information about the members of the Consortium click here. For more information on the Project check out their website here.