Center for Applied Neuroscience

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools currently developed or standardized by CAN

(Please refer to key below the table)

*Key: T = translated in Greek; N = Novel; S = Standardized in Greek; V = Validated; P = Pediatrics; A = Adults

Nicosia Naming Test (N, P, A)*; Picture Vocabulary Test (T, S, A); Verbal Fluency (T, S, V, A); Test of Early Receptive and Expressive Language – Preschool (TEREL-P) (N, V, P); Evaluation of Receptive and Expressive Language – School (EREL-S) (N, V, P); Early Reading Skills Assessment Battery (ERS-AB) (N, P); Dyslexia Early Screening Test-Second Edition (DEST-2) (T, V, P); Dyslexia Screening Test-Junior (DST-J) (T, V, P)
Nicosia Verbal Learning Task (N); Behavioral Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (BRIEF) (T, V, P, A); Hopkins Verbal Learning Test (HVLT) (T, V, A); Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) (T, V, P, A); Story Recall Test (T, V, A); Trail Making Test (T, V, A); Wechsler Quicktest (T, V, P); Learning Disability Evaluation Scale (LDES) (T, V, P); WIAT II (T, V, A); Wechsler Abbreviated Scales of Intelligence (T, V, P, A); Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (D-N CAS) (T, V, P, A); Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (D-N CAS): Adult version (N, V, A); Dysexecutive functioning questionnaire-DEX-R (T, V, P, A)
SPAI (Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory) (T, V, A); Perceived Stress Scale (T, V, A); Anxiety Sensitivity Index (T, V); Brief Symptom Inventory(T, V, A); NEO-FFI (T, V, A); SPAI-B (Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory-B) (T, V, P); TAS-20(Toronto Alexithymia Scale) (T, V, A); Behavioral Inhibition/Behavioral Activation scales children (T, V, P); Sensitivity to Punishment/Sensitivity to Reward Questionnaire (T, V, P); SPAI-C (T, V, P); Psychiatric Diagnostic Screening Questionnaire (T, V, A); Emotional Imagery Scripts (T, V, P, A); Anxiety Specific Imagery Scripts (N, V, A); Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (T, V, A); Assertiveness Vignettes (T, N, V, P); SCARED-R (T, V, P); Eysenck Personality Inventory-Junior (T, V P); Perceived Impact of Events Scale (T, N, V); Self-Consciousness Scale (T, V, A); SPAI-23(T, V, P, A)
AD8 (T, V); Social Responsiveness Scale 2 (SRS 2) (T, P, A); Child Behavior Checklist (Achenbach) (T); Drivers Behavior Questionnaire (T, V); Brief COPE (T, V); Family Environment Scale (T, V, P, A); Social Support Scale (Sarason) (T, V, A); Brief Smoking Consequences Questionnaire (T, V, A); Parent Locus of Control Scale (T, V, A); Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory  (Parents) (T, V, P, A); Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory (Teachers) (T, V, P, A); Parenting Stress Index – SF (T, V, P, A); Antisocial process screening device (T, V, P); Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits (T, V, P, A); Gadow & Sparfkin Child- and Youth inventory-4 (T, V); BVQ (bullying) (T, V, P); Rosenberg self-esteem (T, V, P, A); Alabama parenting (T, V, P); Perceived microsystem scale (T, V, P, A); Strength Difficult Qnr (C) (T, V, P); Youth psychopathic inventory (T, V, P, A); Kidie Mach (T, V, P); Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire (T, V, P); Reactive-Proactive Aggression Questionnaire (T, V, P); Griffith Empathy Scale (P); (T, V, P)