Center for Applied Neuroscience


Combating Cognitive Decline and Promoting Brain Health and Well-Being with the Categorization Program

CAT-BRAIN is an interactive platform that unlocks the future of cognitive rehabilitation. The software platform is based on a well-established cognitive rehabilitation program that was originally developed over 20 years ago. This program has undergone extensive validation through numerous clinical studies, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving cognitive function, memory, and overall quality of life for individuals with various cognitive impairments. 

The target market is rehabilitation centers, health care organizations, clinicians in private rehabilitation settings, university educators, government and healthcare authorities.

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Principal Investigator: Prof. Fofi Constantinidou ~ PhD Communication, Sciences & Disorders-Neuroscience

Champion: Ioulia Solomou ~ MSc Neuroscience, PhD Candidate Cl. Psychology

Software Development Team: KIOS ~ Eirini Christodoulou, Troodia Arakleitou, Maria Constantinou & Georgios Procopi