Andriana Mytides

Andriana Mytides works at the Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN), at the University of Cyprus since May 2019 and she is a Special Research Scientist for the “ReaDI-STANCE” project.

Andriana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2018) from the University of Nottingham, accredited by the British Psychological Society. Her dissertation was on the effect of handedness and schizotypy on creativity. Specifically, the extent to which predominant handedness and schizotypal tendencies have an influence on creative problem solving abilities. Andriana was awarded with the Nottingham Advantage Award where she undertook various volunteering opportunities. She participated in the “Engaging the Public with Psychology” programme, which involved communicating scientific and psychological knowledge to children. She is currently on the postgraduate program of Applied School Psychology, at the University of Cyprus.