Center for Applied Neuroscience

Christiana Theodorou

Christiana Theodorou is a full-time Special Scientist for research at the Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN), University of Cyprus. She currently works with Professor Georgia Panayiotou who is the director of the Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology lab, part of the CAN, under a project which studies risk factors and prevention of gambling behaviour in young adults.

Christiana Theodorou completed her bachelor studies at the University of Cyprus in 2012 and a Master of Science in Psychological Research Methods at Lancaster University in UK in 2013. Now she is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus. Her research interests are mainly in the field of clinical psychology and especially focuses on emotional and behavioral deficits. During undergraduate studies she carried out psychophysiological measurements during experiments with individuals who suffered from anxiety disorders, narcissistic personality and self-esteem problems. In her postgraduate studies she worked in the areas of personality and depressive and hypo/manic mood. Now, in her doctoral studies, she is working as a research assistant in areas of addictions and in developing a prevention program based on the enhancement of emotion regulation skills in adolescents.