Center for Applied Neuroscience

Tonia-Flery Artemi

Tonia-Flery Artemi is a Research Associate at the Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN), University of Cyprus and a member of Clinical and Psychophysiology Lab. She currently works with Professor Dr. Georgia Panayiotou in the project «Understanding Gambling Behaviour in young adults».

Tonia- Flery Artemi, holds a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Psychology from University of Cyprus (2017) as well as a Master’s degree (2019) in Social and Developmental Psychology (MA) while she is currently a PhD Student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus.

She worked in various projects as Research assistant and her research-and general- interests focus on Clinical and Social Psychology. Some of them are Psychophysiology of Anxiety and especially Heart Rate Variability, Addictions as well as various topics associated with Social psychology (e.g. Social Identity, Intergroup relations, Gender Stereotypes).