Center for Applied Neuroscience


Project: Spatial Updating and Domain Expertise: the case of dancers

Acronym: SPADE

Previous research on domain expertise in spatial reasoning has documented that some individuals such as dancers, can acquire spatial information more easily than others due to skills (e.g., control of optical flow) they had developed from practicing in certain tasks.

This project aims to explore in a more systematic fashion spatial skills in experienced and novice dancers using neuroimaging methods (MRI scanning) and tasks in Virtual Reality.

The project is led by Maria Photiou (Graduate Researcher) in collaboration with Prof. Marios Avraamides of the Experimental Psychology Lab. SPADE is a 3 years project that is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the 2018 Excellence Hubs calls. The project Partners include the Cyprus University of Technology, Silversky3D VRT Ltd, Charlotte University in North Carolina, USA and Indiana University in Bloomington, USA.

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